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OPS Public Safety

Located in Kingston, ON and Watertown, NY, OPS Public Safety manufacture and delivers emergency response vehicle storage solutions for law enforcement and public safety vehicles such as the Ford Interceptor PIU, Chevy Tahoe PPV, Dodge Durango, cargo vans, and trailers. Their products assure secure storage and transport of essential cargo while providing quick access and improved safety for personnel in the field. OPS Public Safety was founded in 2006 to service the public safety sector such as police, fire, EMS and military.

Initially founded in Kingston, Ontario, OPS Public Safety quickly grew into the US market and opened a second production facility in Schaumburg, Illinois in 2013. OPS Public Safety is committed to providing timely order to delivery, exceptional customer service and workmanship that makes their products a preferred and trusted choice globally. OPS Public Safety is an industry-leading manufacturer of storage drawers for the public safety sector, that prides itself on ensuring that a first responder’s weapons and gear are safe, secure and easy to get to.

Whether it’s a single drawer for a police SUV, a combo unit for radio equipment or a custom upfit for a response trailer, OPS Public Safety has the right products. Because they use high-grade, lightweight all-aluminum construction, their products guarantee a quiet ride, lower fuel costs, and higher payload capacity.