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October 5, 2023


What's New At

Whelen is one of our most trusted manufacturers as they are consistently focused on developing new products, tools, and resources that will not only help to keep you safe but will make your life easier in the process. Keep reading to view their latest innovations. 

New Whelen EZ Scene Lights™

 M6 EZ Scene Light™

The M6 EZ Scene Light features expanded zone efficiency, enhanced optics, and increased functionality to provide a powerful scene lighting solution for every situation. Select from multiple turn-on styles and low-power settings for more efficient lighting output and performance. M Series™ lightheads feature a unique lens shape and patented Linear-LED® reflector assembly to maximize light dispersion for unmatched highintensity illumination with low current consumption

600 EZ Scene Light™

The 600 EZ Scene Light provides optimal versatility and performance. Featuring high-intensity white illumination with expanded options and functionality, these adaptable lightheads supply powerful scene lighting for a wide range of situations. Installation is easy and multiple vehicle application options are available ensuring seamless integration with your fleet.

 New Liberty™ II Lightbar Feature

Whelen's new Advanced Placement Take-Down™ with SmartFocus Technology™ is a revolutionary new feature designed to enhance officer and driver safety during nighttime traffic stops. Available as an option for Liberty™ II Lightbars, it features two beam options, an ultra-focused spotlight and a slightly wider spread, giving officers the flexibility and control to direct white lighting at traffic stops without compromising their vision or that of oncoming traffic.

 V2V Sync Option

Access the safety benefits of a synchronized fleet faster than ever with our new Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync option for WeCanX® Legacy®, Liberty™ II, and Freedom® IV Lightbars allows you to synchronize your fleet faster than ever.  

 Whelen Configurations on the Web 

Whelen's new web application Simulate™ allows you to upload your Whelen Command® WeCanX® configurations and replicate how they will look and sound on your fleet BEFORE installing them. Simulate helps you save time, troubleshoot, and share your configurations with just the click of a button.

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