Nighttime Safety

November 1, 2022


Highs and Lows Where You Need It Most 

Dynamic Variable Intensity

This time of year, the days are shorter, meaning that first responders are more likely to be called to emergency scenes with little to no daylight. While responding to a call, first responders’ priority is to get to a scene in a quick and safe manner. Intense response patterns from Whelen Engineering ensure that apparatuses are bold, bright, and loud while in response but once on scene, precautions need to be taken. Pedestrians need to be aware of surroundings and limit distraction as first responders are required to be in an optimal setting to perform their tasks at hand.

With the latest innovation from Whelen, both parameters are covered and backed with features sets from the various product offerings. Dynamic Variable IntensityTM lowers intensity, removes sharp edges and slows down flash patterns to calm the scene for everyone involved.

This allows pedestrians to operate safely around the scene and first responders to perform tasks at their highest ability without distraction. Packaged with CenCom Core, vehicle-to-vehicle synchronization adds an additional layer to nighttime safety allowing response vehicles to sync as they arrive on scene.


M9 & 900 EZ Scene Light

Whelen’s latest introduction to nighttime safety is the M9 & 900 EZ Scene Light. Powerful scene lighting solution for every situation.


  • Expanded zone efficiency 
  • Enhanced optics
  • Selectable turn-on rates
  • Low-power settings

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Fleet managers, first responders, and the motoring public all have a personal stake in seeing increased nighttime safety. Find out the four critical lighting features to consider that ensure apparatus are optimized for a calm and safe nighttime scene. 

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