Introducing All Fleet Solutions

August 31, 2023


With a focus on integrating cutting-edge technology, All Fleet Solutions' products enhance operational efficiency, ensure safety, and reduce costs. Renowned for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, AFS is the preferred choice for emergency and public safety fleet solutions.

Peter Tavares

Increasing Productivity and Simplifying Installation

Finding industry leading technicians in the emergency and public safety vehicle up-fitting industry has become more difficult as labour shortages are on the rise. AFS designs components that help technicians be able to build better and build faster.

15%-20% Reduction in Build Time

AFS's products enhance operational efficiency with up to a 20% reduction inbuild time ensuring that your fleet spends less time in the shop and more time on the road.


AFS's pre-made harnesses and components not only create an effortless installation, it also helps keep the process more uniform ensuring consistency amongst fleets.

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